Teacher on Twitter

Teacher on Twitter

Connecting with people who share the same passions affirms that you’re not alone; that there are others like you and that, while many might not understand your passion, some do.  

Sir Ken Robinson The Element

I took a decision last summer to blog and actively use social media. My main reason for this was to explore its potential and show that actually social media can be used in a positive way. I have also taken inspiration for variety of educationalist’s who regularly tweet and blog on their experiences, they are as follows:






I honestly have not looked back since and it has become an integral part of teaching and professional development.  I often get asked and comments made about twitter, I don’t see how have time to tweet or don’t really get the point.  My tweets are about my role, teaching, learning and my own development. I also like to retweet interesting articles, information and quotes.

Knowledge is readily available on the Internet from a variety of different sources for students. The key to learning in my experience is collaboration and information sharing. There are teachers on twitter who are doing the same role who may have different experiences or similiar experiences.

I have found twitter/blogging (although I do need to blog more!) a great sources of information, inspiration, creativity and innovation.  Twitter is a great way of connecting with people, finding out new information, generating ideas and developing projects. It is an investment of time, energy and effort but is it well worth. In the classroom of the future and  the here and now can teachers afford not to tweet? I suppose it depends on your outlook, a classroom can literally be a classroom or it could be a global classroom with endless possibilities.

Every journey requires a first step, you won’t regret it. What are you waiting for? Get tweeting!

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2 thoughts on “Teacher on Twitter

  1. I couldn’t agree more Stephen. Using twitter has helped me to develop a much wider network of professional contacts than I ever thought possible. The opportunity to share ideas, articles, opinion and obtain feedback from varied people (and businesses in my role as business lecturer) is priceless.

  2. Like Graham I completely agree… your experiences match mine exactly. If I would add anything else to what you have said, it would be that ‘writing’ the blog is (IMO) the best form of teacher self-reflection available.

    1. Because, as is often the case, simply thinking about what you did etc, is fallible – committing to paper (or video/audio) provides a record that can be returned to and reflected on further.

    2. Doing this in the public sphere offers that opportunity to receive objective feedback on your thoughts, ideas and experiences – making the process of self-reflection far richer.

    I am honoured to have been included in the list BTW. Particularly, to be among such well respected peers.

    Regards, James.

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