National Careers Week 2012

A few thoughts on a great week of Careers.  

This week I have been supporting National Careers Week.  Careers Information Advice and Guidance is vital for students, the week is a celebration of the careers work that goes on throughout the year and raises awareness of its importance.  As youth unemployment figures continue to rise it is crucial that young people have good quality career guidance.  I am extremely passionate about careers education.  All young people are full of potential, some just don’t realise it yet or may not be aware of what is available to them.  Careers education can be great source of motivation, inspiration and opportunity.

Although as a school we do careers related activities throughout the year.  This week we have undertaken a number of activities which have included careers lessons, working with local businesses and practical based learning in construction.   I am very proud to support this week and would urge you to get involved if you haven’t already.  I believe you can apply careers education to any curriculum area, with a little creativity and imagination.  You may be surprised with the results.

For more information check out the website below:

Thanks to the organisers for the superb resources and updates throughout the week.


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