Business Week 2012 – An educational perspective

ImageYear 8 students pictured at the Sewell’s Skills Academy Green Jobs Experience

Preparing young people for growth and change is more important than teaching them how to make a decision.  (Van Vianen et al. 2009)

What a week it has been. So many fantastic events and opportunities for learning. This year I organised for our students to attend 6 events. I would first of all like to explain my rationale behind students attending each event.  We have always attended the business education day, however, this year I wanted students to experience a range of events. Currently, we have students interested in running a business, students who are developing their own business, and students working on a renewables project, with HETA and Forewind.

At the Yorkshire International Business Convention Dr. Paul Sewell commented that business needs to recognise talent and provide young people with opportunities. Kevin Walsh from KC, challenged businesses about their IT strategy, in that ultimately young people will be the driving force behind the future challenges and changes within industry.  With rising unemployment and University fees also increasing, economic times are extremely difficult for young people.  Therefore, it is vital that young people can find out more about their potential future.  Business week provides this opportunity for students. The events our students attended included:

  • Institute of Directors Lunch with Sir Clive Woodward
  • Business Education Day at the Exchange Hull with Action Jackson and John Buttrick
  • For Entrepreneurs Only – 5 stride to entrepreneurial success
  • Platform debates that World Trade Centre
  • Sewell’s Skill Academy Green Jobs Experience
  • The Yorkshire International Business Convention

A full and detailed report will be available at the end of the term in our final edition of our Enterprise and Employability newsletter regarding each of the above events. 

From an educational perspective, Business Week provides an immense learning forum that students would not normally get an opportunity to experience. Students have the opportunity to listen to and learn about business, enterprise and employability, from industry leaders at the cutting edge of their industry. It also provides a platform for students to find out about sectors and potential career prospects. I am passionate about providing students with opportunities to find out about business. It is vital that business and education work together to provide young people with the employability and enterprise skills they need for the future. Real life experience greatly enhances learning and can be incorporated into the curriculum.  We took a range of Year groups and abilities from Year 8 to 11 and have had great feedback.  It was a logistical challenge at times, especially on the Tuesday with different groups of students at 3 separate events on the same day.  We are very fortunate in Hull to have this unique celebration of business; it truly is an inspirational week. 

I would like to thank the organisers of Business Week, speakers and businesses for providing such a valuable experience for our students.  I look forward to Business Week 2013.


Stephen Logan

June 2012


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