Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012




The next Global Entrepreneurship Week is nearly upon us.  I have been planning for the week and launch working with the Hull GEW planning group.  As we approach the launch of the brochure I felt it appropriate to blog on the importance of the week from my experience.

We live in a global world, which has become a more accessible place due to innovations and technology.  GEW provides a platform for students to consider the global world and their place with in it.  It also provides an opportunity to develop new and enhance current skills, work with businesses, be enterprising and entrepreneurial.  GEW is a celebration of enterprise work that goes on throughout the year.  In education the constant question is what is the impact of this?  Why do this?  The week provides students with something different, world-class speakers and learning from the real world.  For many students this involves stepping out of their comfort zone and this is when the magic happens.

I want to share the story of a group of students who will be presenting at the launch event and are a great example of the importance of GEW.  I have had the opportunity to be involved with GEW in Hull for 4 years and have been privileged to be part of the planning group.  I would like to acknowledge the work of Hull Youth Enterprise and particularly that of Charles Cracknell who is constantly working tirelessly for Hull’s enterprising young people.

The story began 2 years ago at a GEW event.   150 of our students took part in an enterprise activity at the Guildhall in 2010.  For more information about the day click here.  Students came away from the day with a great experience and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  However for 8 girls (The Green Queens) who hadn’t won anything but had an enterprising idea that they wanted to develop.  Yes technically they had failed, they hadn’t won anything on the day and didn’t even come in the top 6.  Over the coming months (unbeknown to me) they wrote to 8 businesses seeking financial support for their idea.  They received 5 rejection letters and 3 no responses.  Before you ask it would be unfair of me to names these business.  They had shown initiative and decided to act on it.  After an assembly on the Badgers Sett competition the girls asked me for more information and I meet to discuss their idea.  I couldn’t believe everything they had done already.  Letterheads, logo, template letter and a business plan.  After a successful application to the Badgers sett competition, which they won, securing funding for their idea.  They are currently developing their business and will be delivering their enterprise project to primaries this year. Check out their website for more information on their project

What is the impact of GEW?  It is not a tangible impact and is very difficult to measure. In this case it was a business and enterprising idea in Year 9 for a group of students.  How can you put a price on that?  The Green Queens have learnt new skills and are continuing to develop their idea.  If it wasn’t for GEW these students would never had this opportunity.  So there you have it, whether it be some skills, a change in behaviour or a entrepreneurial business idea, GEW can be life changing.  Every year I am in awe at the creativity, innovation and enterprising skills of Hull’s young people.  My year 11 Business Studies class still constantly remind me about Ruth Badgers speech at GEW a year ago.

If you are considering undertaking an event, it can be a lot of work but think about the benefits to young people. This could be the spark for the next great product or idea.  I am really looking forward to the brochure launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull on Friday 21st September and supporting the secondary enterprise education programme in Hull.

For more information on @GEWUK and resources, check out the following website:

For more information on the superb work of @Hullsenterprise check out the following websites:


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