Badgers Sett

On Thursday 3rd November 8 Students in Year 7 and 8 presented their enterprising idea at the first round of the Badgers Sett Enterprise competition.  I am very pleased to say they jointly won the under 16 category securing funding of £300 each.

The Badgers Sett enterprise challenge run by Hull’s Youth Enterprise Partnership provides students with a fantastic opportunity to pitch for funding an enterprising business idea.  The students worked incredibly hard and committed their own time to challenge after school and during lunch.  Briefing the students before the pitch they were understandably nervous, however I stressed the importance of making the most of the experience.  I am pleased they won and get the opportunity to pitch to Ruth (another great experience).  What is most important is the enterprise and employability skills this competition has given these students.

A brief summary of the students ideas below:

Green Queens 6 Year 9 Students

Our project not only aims to make a profit in future years, but teaches the year four children of Hull about the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and helping save our earth. It will encourage them to get creative and help them build team working skills that they will definitely need in the future.

Year 7 East Hull Urban Art

We would like to make East Hull Urban Art bigger.  East Hull Urban Arts is a group of young children from ages 8-16 learning how to do performing arts. The idea of this is to help children find talent in things they may or may not have confidence in.

Finger crossed they can do well when they pitch to @RuthBadger


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