The iPad 2 is a superb piece of technology and I regularly use it in my classroom.  I have trailed a number of

different tablets including the Samsung Galaxy tab and RM slate 100.  However the iPad 2 is by far a superior tablet.

I thought it would be useful to give you an insight into the apps I use on a regular basis from an education perspective.  A number of people have said the iPad is just a big iPod touch, it is much much more than that.

Numbers A very good app for keeping all class data including seating plans, targets grades and marking grid.  I have also found this app useful for tracking student ICT OCR national coursework.

GoodReader A must have app and a real bargain.  Goodreader is a superb app for managing files, from all my electronic journals for my Masters in Education to all my school documents.  I also use goodreader to connect to my mobile me, gmail and school VLE.  Therefore been able to access all my files a the click of this app.  Recently @audiobluez used the goodreader app in lessons to capture good examples of student work, it was uploaded to our school VLE within seconds.

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Great for meetings and storage for all important documents in the one place.  This syncs will all devices including laptop, ipad and desktop.

Flipboard described as a social magazine, this app is very good for viewing online content.  I recently set up 2 twitter accounts for Business Studies (@maletlambertbiz) and ICT (@maletlambertict).  This app is a good source of information for the twitter accounts.

Echofon a twitter client that I find very reliable and quick.  I currently have 4 twitter accounts and this app manages them with ease.  I did try Hootsuite for a week but reverted back to echofon as it is much quicker.

Evernote A must have app for the ipad.  Syncs with all devices, can add notes and clip form websites.  I use this app for taking notes in meetings and sharing useful content from websites. You have the option of sharing notes which is very useful in meetings.  This app will definitely improve your productivity and reduce paperwork.

Splashtop – Another must have app!  I use this app to remotely control my computer in lessons through the interactive whiteboard.  Very useful for students to demonstrate a skill or talk through a design.  Desktop computer can be accessed in school and home machine.

These are not the only apps I have on my iPad at the moment.  I wil be evaluating others as I go, hope you find this useful.


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