Global Entrepreneurship Week highlight the importance of enterprise and provides students with opportunities to take part in enterprise activities.  I have been very fortunate to work with the most enterprising people I know Charles Cracknell from Hull City council on a number of events.  The support provided by Hull’s business community is first class and provides a real opportunity for students to develop enterprise skills that will help them in the future .  Here is a flavour of the events I have organised:

Hull Challenge – 15th November 2010

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull, when over 140 pupils from our school listened to explorer and motivational speaker Miles Hilton Barber www.mileshilton-barber.com.

The pupils undertook the Hull ‘Carbon’ Enterprise Challenge that saw the pupils come up with environmental friendly products. Students in groups of 5 worked enthusiastically throughout the day and by the end of the activity many had come up with some great ideas. They had all produced an ideas sheet, setting out what their idea was and how it was going to be successful, another page about the likely competitors in their proposed market place and also a money matters page, setting out how much money their idea was going to produce, taking into account both their costs and revenue streams Finally, and most challenging of all, they had to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from local organisations. The four top teams were awarded a range of viuchers from High Street Stores sponsored by the Insurance Partnership, Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, Mail News and Media and Jenkins Shipping Port Services

Eleven groups were invited to present these were Turbo Turner, U-Bot, Super Stopper, Historical Trails, Dress The Earth, Gym Lectricity, Eco – Exchange, Green Queens, HVB Cars, November Enterprise Group and Branch Out.

The Video


  1. Historical Trails
  2. Gym Lectricity
  3. Turbo Turner
  4. Branch Out

Overall the first day of GEW 2010 was a great success and the our pupils certainly seemed to enjoy the day and learnt a great deal about enterprise and the environment. All the pupils received a copy of Hull´s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Dave Garbera´s new book Smilers Part Two Lessons in Enterprise.

The pupils were joined by a delegation from the Institute of Directors (IoD) led by Alex Mitchell, the Head of Influencer Relations at the IoD and Alex Charlotte Britton Chair of IoD YDF who were very impressed by what they saw

Miles Hilton Barber said, “It was a privellege to launch Hull’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebrations with pupils from Malet Lambert School who certainly were very innovative and enterprising throughout the day”

I think its very important to take part in the activities that take place every year in Hull to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.  I do commit a lot of my own time to GEW and I am extremely passionate about it.

Pictures/Links from previous years events


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