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I am always looking at new and innovative ways of engaging students with enterprise education and employability skills.

Year 11 Student present at the Hull Exchange Launch

Pictured with Sam Whitaker and Ann Newlove from Hull Esteem

On Friday the 30th September 3 Year 11  presented at the launch of the Hull Exchange about their work experience and employability skills.

The exchange is a hub designed to help young people with employability and skills issues.  Located in Wilberforce Court, in the same building as Hull Esteem Consortium’s offices, The Exchange will create a lasting legacy in terms of assisting various different agencies that support local young people, whether that be through work experience, enterprise opportunities, gaining life skills or supporting a route into education, employment or training.

Student comments on their learning experience

Throughout my time putting the presentation together with my fellow class mates.  I have realised the amount of different business opportunities and there is a business world.  This day was just one of many more connections I wish to make in my life.

I learnt that some activities or things you are asked to do are hard and you have to leave your comfort zone for.  But isn’t that just preparing us for later in life where we have to make deadlines and we have to succeed under pressure.

I have also learnt to be more natural when presenting and how to have fun more than stress with events like these.  I am very pleased with the way the day went as the connections we made in later life are unbelievable, and will help us with our careers choices and which path to follow.

Thank you for this brilliant opportunity, it has been worth it in the long run.

I learnt about development around Hull and skills such as confidence and determination which I can apply in my curriculum.  I also received business contacts to influence my decisions in college.

The day helped me to gain an understanding of what it’s like to present to an audience.  It also helped me further my business idea.

For more information on the Hull Exchange visit the following website:


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