Post-PC Era

I had the pleasure of attending an apps worship with @jonmoss @jfconno on Wednesday 28th March 2012.  The session was held at the University of Hull Business School which is always superb venue and has great presenters. The workshop was entitled ‘Demystifying Apps’ organised by the Charted Institute of Marketing, the main aims of the session were:

  • Understanding what an app is
  • Relevance of app and identifying opportunities
  • Understanding the Post-PC market

My tweets from the event:

Excellent information so far on #apps you all should have come@djmidgley @Bellarus6666 #apple dominating the market place

Here’s my favourite #apps I use on a regular basis @jonmoss @hubsonline

Keep it simple,fun & useful, solving a need and Know your users.#apps @jonmoss

So much #potential for learning with tablets. #appsworkshop

@jfconno: In the post-PC era. Growing no. of digital consumers don’t have a PC. Market for devices growing but PC sales down.#appsworkshop

Shallow learning curve, this is crucial to the success of iOS Anyone can use an iPad or iPhone #appsworkshop

Just in from a great event @hubsonline by @CIMinfo &@hullbondholders Demystifying Apps workshop, superbly delivered by “People can do everything on a good data connection on a smartphone or tablet”.@jonmoss @jfconno

This is a very interesting topic from an education perspective. What apps could we actually develop to improve learning for students or productivity for teachers.  There are so many apps out there that improve and engage learning.  In my previous post I have alluded to the fact that my iPad has massively improved my productivity. The fact I am writing this blog from a Cottage in the Dales on an Evernote app proves the flexibility and practically of taking the device anywhere.  I used to take my MacBook Pro, still a great device however I now use it for photoshop, inDesign or typing up an assignment.

Reflecting on the event on things that really got me thinking after the event was the title, we are now living in a post PC Era.  According to @jonmoss “People can do everything on a good data connection on a smartphone or tablet”. Mobiles and tablets have really taken off as we consume masses amounts of information in a very quick and instant way.  A smart phone is not just a phone it is a computer in your pocket.  We no longer have to wait for PC to boot up to go on the Internet or to do a simple task, there are various apps that can do almost anything.

What does this mean for education? I can remember a time without mobile phones and computers.  However for the majority of student’s I teach they don’t!  I asked a couple of my classes and tutor group, do you have a watch, 95% didn’t.  When I asked them why they said they used their phone or that a watch only does one thing.  My son is 14 months old and I often wonder what the future holds for him in terms of technology.  The future appears to be shifting towards handheld devices which are becoming more accessible and affordable. Conventional computers are great for a specific purposes, however the future of learning appears to be shifting toward mobile technologies as we now enter the post PC era presents many opportunities and challenges. Should we be teaching students how to design apps?  What should our ICT curriculum involve (this is a very topical issue at the moment)?  Training and development needs for teachers. Safeguarding and using these devices for learning.

Lots to consider, exciting and challenging times ahead.

Thanks to @jonmoss @jfconno from who really do know their stuff and are Apple through and through.  I look forward to finding out more about @hulldigital


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